Taking care of your beads?

Beadish jewelry is handcrafted with precious stones, polished woods, resins, Basaltic lava, amber and high quality glass materials. Each one of pieces are a one of a kind creation, we take pride inside our designs making sure you get the most out of our bracelets!

To keep your beads looking their best, we recommend the following:

• It is best to remove beads prior to swimming, showering and bedtime. Our jewelry can withstand normal wear during these times, but you have a greater chance of getting them snagged on to something unknowingly and snapping the elastic.

• To keep your beads shinning at their best we suggest simply cleaning your beads every couple of weeks by simple wiping off the top and in-between the beads that will remove any debris or dust residue, keeping your beads looking fresh 24/7!

• When not wearing your beads, try storing them inside a storage pouch

• Be sure not to get oils on the elastic thread of your beads. It will cause the elastic to warp.